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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger This book so wasn't what I was expecting when I put it on my to-read list months ago. I assumed that Bianca would be depressed or hate herself or another cliche. But what I found was a girl that could be anyone. She was insecure and uncertain and worried what people think of her even when she said she didn't. She was real and she found someone else just as real in Wesley. Did he have flaws? Absolutely. Could he be crude? Definitely. But just like Bianca, he was just trying to not be himself. To not have to face the reality of his life. Their "relationship" was what the both needed at the time and more. If I had one complaint it would be Toby who was way to wishy washy and over the top perfect. But really over-all I loved the message because honestly everyone is a DUFF at one time or another...even the popular crowd. A must read for sure.