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The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen It's hard to capture the amazing feeling I got from reading this book. It was just pure, complete, total love! I hated to see it end but I didn't want to put it down. There was something about every single character that you just ended up connecting with and finding endearing. Macy was so real trying to be in control of everything after loosing one of the most important things in her life and not having the chance to do anything about it. She felt that being perfect would keep her world together and she did everything in her power to do just that. She needed order and structure and that was how she lived until she met the best people to come into her life. The 5 people that worked at Wish catering were the exact opposite of the neat structured monotony that she had been living in over the last year and a half and it was just what she needed.

And what can I say about Wes...WES! Le sigh. The boy was hot and perfect and the perfect companion for Macy. The build of their friendship may have been the absolute best part of the book. They were real and honest with each other and in the process vulnerable without even realizing it. Wes is the kind of boy you dream of. Perfect with his imperfections. I really hate to see him go.

Seriously out of all the books I read this year, this was one of the most well told stories. I would mind reading it again and again and see once again how everybody grows and changes. And I would absolutely recommend it to others for sure. Highly great read!