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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver What an exceptionally exquisite story about death, life and finding out who you without the fear of peer pressure and bullying. Oliver tells a story about how easy it is to get lost is the popular crowd and lose who you are in the process without using any of the cliches that easily could have made this story boring and monotonous. Reading the different ways Sam lives her last day over and over trying to change the outcome leaves you wanting her to succeed and knowing she is really a good person and never meant to be really mean. All she wanted was to fit in and being popular was how she thought she would. It had never occurred to her that she wasn't the only one that maybe felt the way she did, that there were others out there and now she was leading to their unhappiness like so many did to her before she happened to fall in with the "right" crowd. The changes that Sam makes to her life and herself, allowing the growth she needed is perfectly captured day after day when a "new" Sam wakes up. Just an amazingly honest story about putting aside what will be better for your image and doing the right thing in the end. Well done Lauren Oliver, well done.