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Geek Magnet - Kieran Scott KJ is actually a character you can understand and connect with on some level. She is a typical teen with typical teenage problems. She likes the popular boy but he doesn't know she exists yet the resident geeks fawn and dote all over her. She desperately want to break out of her nice girl mode and get in with the popular crowd but is terrified to do anything that would make her look stupid and she hates to hurt anyone's feelings. Finally things seem to be falling in place for her. She follows popular girl Tama's advice and ditches the geeks and is noticed by her crush. But with this comes something else. KJ inevitably ends up pushing the people that are true friends away in a case of the grass is always greener. Now "in" with the popular kids, her life becomes even more of a mess as her home life implodes and slowly everyone finds out what KJ has been hiding from all but her bestie Stephanie...her dad is a functioning alcoholic. And that right there explains why she puts aside her discomfort and is afraid to be herself. Because at home if she does even the slightest thing to anger her dad all hell breaks lose. Basically it is easier to do what makes others happy then to be yourself in her house so that is what she does in her personal life too. But after much trial and error and with the support of adorable Robbie KJ finally pulls it all together and realizes that being a geek isn't really being a geek. Everyone is awkward in there own way. It all just depends on how you deal with it and how you hide it.

This book was exactly what I needed after a very disappointing book. It was funny and charming and serious at times and all around enjoyable. Scott has once again given something on the verge of greatness.