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Girlfriend Material - Melissa Kantor I have to say I really enjoyed this book. The development of the characters and their relationships was done extremely well. I loved how Kantor wrote Kate from an uncertain, awkward girl into a girl that ended up taking chances even if they made her feel and look stupid. In the process of her growth she was able to see past the shallow surface of her relationship with her mother and sister and what she perceived as the problems in her parents relationship. Kate learned that she needed to stop assuming the worst about people and things and just be herself, and being in Cape Cod and out of her comfort zone did that. And then there was Adam...the boy who got her out of her shell, made her feel like she belonged and broke her heart while mending it back together. Simply put he was adorable and just perfect for her. Seeing their relationship unfold was the highlight of this book for me even if t did go quickly at times. My one complaint is the open-ended feeling i was left with when I finished. I wanted some questions answered that weren't. All in all a really good read. More like a 3.5 star read instead of a 3 star one because it was almost there.