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Small Town Sinners - Melissa C. Walker First I must admit that I'm not a very religious person. I don't really like books that fall in the high faith category. Just not my cup of tea to listen to people preach about right and wrong. With that said this was one of the most amazing books I have read in a while. The way that Walker made the book more about the right to make a choice over faith and religion pulled me in from the start. It was one of those books that just got you interested and thinking. It got you to look at how other people view things and push those views on their children and what happens when those same children grow up and start to experience life themselves and see that things aren't as simple as they originally thought.

When the book starts Lacey is this perfect daughter that believes what her mom and dad tell her, goes to church with 100% certainty that everything is black and white, and wants to help everyone see the love of God. As things profess and life gets more complicated and Ty arrives, Lacey starts to question everything just like any teenager. Her transformation from follower to leader is just amazing. Seeing her "stand on her own two feet" and decide to make her own choices is truly inspirational. And the addition of Ty is just what she needed to help her see that not everything is the same for everyone. Shades of gray complicate things and don't make it so cut and dry all the time, but there isn't anything wrong with that.

I will say that before this book I had never even heard of Hell House. I had no idea what it was or why it was a bug deal. And honestly after reading this book I'm fascinated by it. I have never heard anything like it. The imagery used to describe it was both amazing and disturbing. Talk about in your face. Wow, just wow.

Definitely a book I would recommend. Don't judge it without reading it. Keep an open mind and choose for yourself. You never know what you will open yourself up to.