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What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen Sarah Dessen is one again the master of writing friendships, teen angst and family problems. She has a knack with getting to the core of family drama and emotions with a few simple words. I saw it in The Truth About Forever, Keeping the Moon, Along for the Ride and once again in What Happened to Goodbye. The story she told about McLean and the parents and what kids feel about divorce was so easily relatable that you could easily put yourself in McLean's shoes. She was just a kid that was trying to figure out how to fit in now that her family was no longer whole. She tired to reinvent herself and in the long run found out who she was on her own. Watching McLean grow and form actual relationships with her friends and with Dave was extremely rewarding. It truly was a joy to read her journey and see where she was at the end. Not to mention the addition of Colby, Heidi and the Last Chance Dinner, a true hit for sure.