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Serendipity - Carly Phillips Carly Phillips is the master of romance. She has found a formula that works and uses it in her novels not disappointing her fans. The formula is simple...boy meets/knows girl, boy and girl fight attraction, add in complications and boy and girl come together in the end. Although it seems straight forward, Phillips adds in emotion and feelings that bring the story to a human level each time and Serendipity was no different.

Right off the bat you can feel the sparks between Ethan and Faith. There is a sexual tension between them that is prominent yet hidden behind their push/pull banter. They fight tooth and nail the whole way as they work to figure out how they fit into their own lives and each others. They are both running from their past and to an unknown future. Add in grudge holding brothers, a selfish mother and a surprise addition to the family and you have a real story about growth that doesn't lack in the romance department at all.

Phillips has done it once again and I can't wait to read the next part in this new series.