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Pretties - Scott Westerfeld Westerfeld has done it again. He took what was a great story in Uglies and made it into an even more complex one in Pretties. The twists and turns in the second part of this trilogy left me holding my breath and sitting on the end of my seat. Honestly the way that he wrote Tally was pure genius. I couldn't stand her as a vapid pretty, but I could also tell underneath the smoke and mirrors that the Tally we all know and love was still there and just needed to be pulled o the surface. And for that enter Zane. Zane was a very very welcome addition to this story about control and restraints. He was caring and loving and just as much stuck as Tally was living a life they didn't want but had no real option. Westerfeld managed to weave everything so well together it made me want more, more, more. I couldn't stop reading. And Shay?!?!?! Oh my! Nicely done Mr. Westerfeld.