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Shrinking Violet - Danielle Joseph Really cute story. It was highly predictable, but still very entertaining. Teresa seriously took shy to a whole new level. She was beyond shy really. The thought of talking to strangers, putting herself out there left her in a kind panic. The thing was was that T wasn't really shy in the long run. Really all she was was a product of her environment. Her mother was loud and obnoxious and just plain rude and that held Teresa back. It made her not want to stand out because her mom was always putting her down. I mean this mom took it to a whole new level. She was down right mean to T at times and took all her self confidence away. It actually broke my heart to read. Luckily T still ended p taking chances. She found herself on air live at a radio station doing what she dreamed of doing, she did a oral presentation at school and she talked to her first boy. She grew and changed and showed who she really was. I highly enjoyed this story and would read another by Danielle Joseph in a heart beat.