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Dirty Little Secrets - C.J. Omololu Honestly I don't even know where to begin with this book. I was a little worried at first about reading this book when I read the description. Just the thought of reading about the effects of hoarding had me queasy. I mean I can't even watch the TV show without gagging. But in long run I really am happy I picked it up and got a glimpse into Lucy's world. Omololu gave us a pretty in depth look at the effects hoarding can have on the individual and on the family and friends around them. It is a sickness and people don't always realize that. What Lucy has to endure both in the present as the book unfolds and what she had to deal with in the past is just pure heartbreakingly sad. She is a 16 year old girl that wants to have friends and a boyfriend and go out and have people over and she can't. She is embarrassed and confused and alone. Her father is absent, her brother could care less and her sister is following in her mother's foot steps. She is acting like the grown-up and there is really only so much she could do and take on especially when the worst happened and her worst fear is dangled right in front of her face. An amazing story that takes place over one day but started with a life time of a sickness. Excellent read.