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Love Story - Jennifer Echols Echols definitely redeemed herself with this one after the disaster that was Forget You. She went back to the angst and romance that was in Going Too Far and added a fun twist that made Love Story and enjoyable experience.

At first I wasn't too enthused to read this story. It started out with an unneeded "story" written by one of the characters before we even got to meet anyone. It was pointless at the place it was presented and would have been more useful after getting to know the cast. But after I got past that I was pleased with what was given too us. The switching of places for Hunter and Erin was done very well but they still remained who they were with or without money. Hunter was charming no matter if he was rich or poor and Erin was strong willed and stubborn no matter what her financial circumstances. The unfolding of their story both in the past and the present was nicely done and at a good pace. My one complaint was the way the story ended, but all in all I'm back on the Echols' bandwagon.