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Dairy Queen  - Catherine Gilbert Murdock This is going to be a tough review to write because I don't want it to come across that I hates this book because I didn't, but there were definitely parts that I wasn't very happy with. The good first was that I loved DJ and Brian's relationship. The build was perfect. It wasn't too fast and it wasn't too slow. Would I have liked more of them sure, but I could see why the author built it the way she did. I also liked the growth of DJ. She started as a 15 year old girl that was walked all over. Her parents walked all over her by using guilt to get her to give up doing what she wanted to do and do what they wanted her to do and she let them. She also let herself walk all over herself by not standing up for what she wanted. She gave up what she loved because she wasn't given a choice. But slowly she took all of that back and started to be herself and do what she wanted. She stopped following and became a leader. Her transition was great and I appreciated that. Those where the high lights.

But there were things too that I really didn't enjoy in this book which made me sad because I had high hopes.

First off I hated all of the constant Oprah references. By the fiftieth time I had had about enough of it. Their was no need for it to be mentioned every other sentence for almost every chapter. It really started to grate on my nerves. Then there was DJ's parents. Could they have been any more whiny and self absorbed? All they thought about was themselves and never once DJ. Curtis was the Holden kid while DJ was the hired help. I got it from the story perspective, but it was too over the top for me. I also wasn't enthralled by Amber DJ's supposed best friend. She was a minor part and I really didn't care if her feelings were hurt or what her problem was. She was kind of obnoxious and self-centered as well. Not a fan of that.

But like I said I didn't hate this book at all. I just wanted mire I think after all the great things I heard. All in all an okay read. I will certainly read the next two parts, just need a DJ break.