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The Help - Kathryn Stockett The Help is an amazing book that takes a look at women in Mississippi in the 1960s and the role that race plays. The story mainly focuses on three point of views. First you have Skeeter, a college graduate that doesn't fit in with her friends or family. In a time when women are seeking husbands and trying to settle down Skeeter wants a job and a career and her small minded community of Jackson can't seem to figure out why. Then there is a Minny. She is a maid that is forced to swallow down who she is and what she thinks to keep her bosses happy. She is sassy and smart and takes no lip when she can get away with it. And finally there is Aibileen. She has helped raise 15+ children in her years as a maid and gets no thanks for it. Instead what she gets is a separate bathroom in the garage.

Through a tremulousness time, these three women come together and write a book that forever changes there community and they way people look at the relationship between races in Mississippi.

Honestly I wasn't going to read it. I was planning to just see the movie because there was so much hype about the book but then someone gave it to me and I went with it and I'm glad I did. This book is honest and real and heartbreaking. Stockett wrote a story that made you feel a part of it whether you were in the Kitchen with Minny making a caramel cake, at the type writer with Skeeter changing trying to change things or Aibileen listening to Hilly's hate while trying to make sure a precious little girl never know that part of the world. Really really amazing story. Bravo to Ms. Stockett on her first novel.