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Cracked Up to Be - Courtney Summers What an amazingly powerful, well thought out, excellently told story of a broken girl lost in her own head. Courtney Summers has blown me away with this one. She has crafter a tale that has just enough mystery to go with the over wheeling emotions the main character is feeling. Parker was once your run of the mill popular girl. Head cheerleader, dating the most popular guy in school, had the most popular friends. She was perfect in everyone's eyes but her own. To her she was in control. And when she list control one night everything changed for her and she couldn't get it back. Summers brings us into Parker's head all while not giving away too soon what happened that made her change, that broke her. Watching Parker navigate the already complicated world of high school while trying not to feel anything when everything makes her feel something is heart wrenching and powerful. I honestly don't have the words to do this book justice. Simple put...AMAZING!