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Not That Kind of Girl - Siobhan Vivian Natalie may have been the most frustrating character I have encountered in a book in a long long time. She preached and preached about how it was unfair to be judgmental and label people and put them down and that is what she constantly did. She acted like she was so much better then everyone one with her perfect little act that it was sickening. I really wanted to slap her and tell her to open her freaking eyes and get a clue. And then there was the know it all teacher. She may have been worse then Natalie. She was supposedly teaching these girls to grow into powerful women, but really all she was doing was putting them down and judging them when it wasn't her place. Between those two characters I was going to lose my mind. But then there was Autumn and Spencer. Two very different versions of the same girl. One was older and had been part of the hash reality of what happens when people talk in high school and the other a young girl that was confident and not scared of what people say, until they started really saying stuff about her. Spencer was one of my favorite people in the whole book because she was herself and tried to get others to be as well. She just wanted people to drop the stereotypes about women and sexuality and I commend her for that. And then you have Connor. Lovable, adorable Connor who was pegged wrong from the start by Natalie, but managed to weasel his way into her life in the most unexpected way. Honestly there relationship was my favorite part of this whole book. Cause seriously, all the complaints aside this story was truly wonderful. These characters balanced each other out and I'm very happy to have read it.