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I'm a shopping fanatic. On any given day you will hear about me buying clothes or bags or shoes or books.
Shine -  Lauren Myracle Wow, wow, wow, wow! Why the heck did it take me so long to read this amazing book?!? I'm not sure I can even put into words how I feel about it it was that good! What started out as a ok about a supposed hate crime became so much more. It became a story about friendship and relationships and growing up. It was about moving on and recovering what you once head by gaining yourself back. Cat was a truly likable characters in every aspect of the word. She had her faults, but they were what made her what she was and that was fiercely loyal. She had turned her back on everyone that mattered to her after an incident years prior, but when the chips were down she did what she had to to make sure everyone, including herself, would come out the other side whole. Ms. Myracle has crafted a truly unbelievably tale that I'm so happy I got to enjoy and hope others will too! Brava!