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I'm a shopping fanatic. On any given day you will hear about me buying clothes or bags or shoes or books.
Awaken - Katie Kacvinsky Fantabulous!!! No other way to describe it. It was like Divergent and Delirium with a dose of possible reality added in. It wasn't completely what I expected when I read the description, but it was so much more. Honestly we are so wrapped up in technology that this isn't too far outside the realm of reality. Reading this book I had my iPad on, my cell phone next to me, and I was reading it on my NOOK. I couldn't help but think of how technology rules everything we do from Facebook to Twitter to text messaging.

Technology is an important part to daily life and things were no different for Maddie. Her whole life was technology. She socialized online, she went to school on line, had book read to her digitally. Normal everyday things we take for granted were taken away from her leaving her completely reliant on her computer. That is until she meets Justin. What to day about Justin! The boy was simply amazing. He took Maddie under his wing so to speak and completely opened her eyes to living her life and not hiding between some HTML based program.

Watching their relationship grow was equally frustrating and exhilarating. It moved at an interesting pace that made me want to push them further along faster and enjoy what I was watching develop slowly. It was a nice push and pull that had me aching for more and begging for even a kiss. But man when that kiss happened it was EXPLOSIVE! Damn!

Honestly, can't wait to read more of this story. Simple amazing!!