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Chain Reaction  - Simone Elkeles Another Fuentes brother to love! Honestly first I thought I would never love one brother more then Alex and then there was Carlos. Then I thought no one could beat Carlos and then up came Luis!

My heart actually ached for Luis in this book more then it did for the other two simply for the fact that he was actually the good, clean cut kid that was grouped into the category for trouble maker so easily that it was simply better for him to actually just do what people expected of him. They thought he was a gang banger right of the bat instead of actually finding out that he was a super smart kid that wanted to go to college and work for NASA. Even Nikki didn't see the good and that killed me.

Don't get me wrong, he wasn't a saint at all. He lied and got himself into avoidable situations for the most part, but really he was the most solid out of the three brothers. The big difference in the books was that poor Luis got his life flipped around when something was revealed that was alluded to in the other stories. It kind of rocked his foundation and made him make really bad choices. But without bad choices there wouldn't have been such a great story. And a great story there was.

Amazing job Ms. Elkeles. I truly will miss the stories of Alex & Brittany, Carlos & Kiara, and Luis & Nikki. Can't wait to read more from you.