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Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik Really adorable take on Pride and Prejudice and just what j needed after so heavy reads. I tried to put it down but it was just of cute and I couldn't. I knew what would happen yet I couldn't stop until I read after last page. Elise and Derek were adorable. I loved their push pull and the conflict that was between them. Also really loved the relationship between Juliana and Elise. Kind of made me want a sister. But then Layla would show up and I would be happy because I'm an only child. Chelsea was a witch with a capital B and I was glad when she got hers.

I did find it highly amusing that everyone in the Benton family, especially the parents, we're so against the girls getting wrapped up in the "Hollywood" lifestyle but really it seemed they were more into it then Elise and Jules. Made me giggle and cringe, especially when the mom went on and on about the limo. OYE!