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Double Threat My Bleep - Julie Prestsater Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a sequel to the amazingly written So I'm a Double Threat! I was floating on Cloud 9 when I found this one!

Picks up during sophomore year and things are once again different with this group of friends. Alex is in college so he and Meg are navigating that while there is a new boy at school that has his sights set on Meg. As the year progresses there is some loops thrown at the girls. There are broken hearts and laughs and tears. There is awkwardness and love and uncertainties. As you get older things change and that is no different for this lovable cast of characters.

Written just as amazingly as the first Julie Prestsater once again takes you on a remarkable journey that leaves you dying for the third book and wanting things to work out the way you see it happening in your head.