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Dress Rehearsal - Jennifer O'Connell Okay so the fact that this book has the Boston I know and love all through it added to the fact that it is and O'Connell book I was sold. The first mention on Filene's Basement and the running of the brides, I was in love. And the Red Sox mention put me of the edge. This book was everything I really expected to be. It was real and true and exactly what every 30 something single woman feels.

Lauren was the quintessential successful 32 year old. She had her own super successful business, great friends, a apartment in an amazing location and financial stability. But even with all that there was something missing. She wasn't content and a lot of that lack of contentment was due on the fact that she was stuck in a place where everything was just mundane. She had gotten stuck and needed to get out and grow up. Instead of saving things and wondering where things are going she needed to just take things as they came. Baking cakes was an exact recipe, but relationship unfortunately don't work out that way.

Really it was a great joy to watch Lauren and her friends Robin and Paige grow and finally except who they are and that is was okay not to be a certain way. Ms. O'Connell once again you didn't let me down.