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Secret Society - Tom Dolby Where to start, where to start! This book was a very painful experience. It was one of those books that started out somewhat okay, a three star book, that got progressively worse with every turn of the page. At first I took this book to be a Gossip Girl meets The Skulls kind of story and I was excited. I mean a book about snotty rich kids that are sucked into a dangerous world of secrets and lies and mystery and intrigue. Sadly that wasn't the case. With every turn of the page all I got was a lot of nothingness. These kids weren't snotty rich kids. They were annoying superficial brats that were completely self involved. Honestly I gave them the benefit of the doubt, well tried at least, but there was nothing there. I just don't know if that was poor character development of shoddy writing that made them this way. Cuz lets be honest...the writing sucked!

I said this as I was reading the book and I'll say it again...just because you are writing young adult books doesn't mean you should dumb it down for the reader. Dolby wrote this book like he was writing for people with a first grade reading level. I don't know if it was just his style or what, but I found it condescending and borderline offensive. Instead of getting into detail and developing certain relationships or situations more he stayed on the surface and left us with a bare bones story with no depth or emotion.

And the fact that this book is a series leaves me cold. I'll be passing on that and nothing else by this author. Please heed my warning and DON'T DO IT!