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Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles Elkeles has done it again. She has once again created a story that has you smiling and your heart breaking at the same time. She managed to throw a slight mystery in to a story that was filled with growth and love and heart and make it work so well that it leaves you yearning for more.

Right off the bat I immediately had a liking for Caleb and knew there was more to him then people were seeing. He was ostracized by everyone in the community for something he did and went to jail for. He was immediately blamed for everything bad that happened and people stood idly by and let it happen. But really all he was was a kid that took blame and paid his debt and just wanted things to be normal. He wanted to fix things with his family and with Maggie.

Maggie was going through her own trials. She was the victim, the person on the wrong side of and accident, yet she was treated like a leper in the community. She was teased and ignored and bullied. She had it in her to be stronger but she was afraid and because of that fear people hurt her more then a car accident ever could.

Watching these two navigate the tentative waters of a friendship and romance that shouldn't have happened was truly gratifying and the end completely broke my heart. Excellent story by and excellent writer.