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You Are Here - Jennifer E. Smith I was scared going into this book. I hadn’t heard very good things and that is for very good reasons. Because honestly this book just wasn’t that good. I tried to keep an open mind, to think for myself, but everything I had heard had been right. Nothing happened until 90 pages in and even that wasn’t all that fascinating.

The problem started at the beginning when there were just so many words and there was just nothing said. The build up to get to the actual point of the story was just too much and I didn’t enjoy the way it was written. Now I love a good book that has alternating chapters for alternating view points, but this book was written in 3rd person so that idea was kind of moot because it came across as the same person’s thoughts. I also had a problem with the romance because I didn’t see one. I didn’t actually care about Emma or Peter enough to want them to be together romantically. They were both self absorbed and whinny.

I will say that there were two saving graces of this book that helped not make it a complete dud. One was the 3 leg dog. He had no name and yet he was the most interesting character in the book. He had a story and a past and yet we weren’t bogged down with it. It was there and we were to accept it. We didn’t know where he came from, what states he had or hadn’t been in and we had no idea where his injury occurred, but that’s okay because we didn’t need to know all that. It was okay for his past to be mentioned but not harped on. I wish the author would have done that with Emma and Peter. And the other saving grace was the last 8-10 pages when Emma actually had a conversation with her mother about Tommy. If that had happened at the beginning of the book this would have been a totally different, compelling story. Not just blah on paper.

Definitely not one of my favorites, that’s for sure.