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Ditched: A Love Story - Robin Mellom Ditched had to be the most fun I have had reading a book since I read Lola and the Boy Next Door. The quirkiness of Justina and the relationship between her and Ian was truly enjoyable to immerse myself in. Seriously Justina was completely off her rocker and I loved every minute of it. She was exactly what all of us girls are when we like a boy and have no idea if they like us. We overreact, jump to conclusions, second guess everything and make general fools of ourselves. It is what a crush does and Mellom wrote that to PERFECTION.

The book starts off the Justina in ditch on the side of the road wearing her busted prom dress. Right off the bat you know you are for a story based on the stains, bruises and rips over her dress and body. Heading to a local 7-11 she meets the store clerk and one of the regulars and proceeds to tell them exactly how she ended up looking like she did a d just exactly how her night turned out so bad. In a mix of The Hangover and Whatever It Takes Justina's stories go from bad to worse until finally the whole truth is unveiled and shows maybe everything isn't as it seems.

In order for me to properly describe Justina, I am going to use a phrase directly from the book...she is completely CRAZY CRACKERS! The things that go through her head are equal parts hysterical and disturbing and I loved her to pieces. It has been a long time since a leading character made me giggle and shake my head at the same time. The logic she came up with half the time was pure comical. And the way she told her story was just genius. It was predictable but I don't care because I loved it from beginning to end and I wished it was longer.

Please please please don't wait to read this one! I was Crazy Crackers for it and I think a lot of you will be too. I can't wait for more from Mellom. Fantastical!