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The Probability of Miracles - Wendy Wunder I've started and deleted this review at least 5 times. I can't seem to find the words to accurately explain my love of this book. The Probability of Miracles is...well simple put, it is phenomenal. Wendy Wunder managed to make me laugh, cry, smile and frown with this beautifully written story of loss and coming to terms with things happening that there are no explanation for.

The Probability of Miracles is about Campbell Cooper, a 17 year old girl from Orlando that is dying of cancer. She has been battling the disease for 5 years and is at the point that nothing more can be done. Hearing this her mother Alicia decides to try something else and she moves the family to a place she has heard can cause miracles, she moves them to Promise, ME. After a few random occurrences happen cynical, sarcastic Cam starts to believe that maybe things do just happen and there doesn't have to be an explanation for it. Sometimes it is okay just to believe and be in the moment. With the help of all the important people in her life, new and old, Cam starts to let go and just be.

Honestly there is no way to gush about the character of Campbell Cooper. She is truly an inspiration. At such a young age she is dealt this awful blow and yet she keeps going and she does it was an attitude I don't think I would be able to muster. She is funny and sarcastic, witty and frank, and just darn right entertaining. She doesn't let herself be jaded by what has been dealt to her. She keeps going knowing her time is up and she will in fact miss out on stuff she wanted to experience. She doesn't believe in miracles or hope, but she goes with the flow for the most part and in the process opens herself up to things she never thought possible. She is an absolute remarkable character and one that will stay with me for a long long time.

This book is a must read. Rarely does a book get me to shed actual legit tears and The Probability of Miracles did just that.