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Pretty Crooked - Elisa Ludwig I had been excited for this book for a while so I was happy to finally get to read it. And I must say for the most part it didn't disappoint. It basically was a book to set up the planned series so we only got to see snippets of each character and there is a lot left unanswered but I really enjoyed the story.

Basically the book is about Willa, a girl that has moved from place to place with her mom her whole life. They always got by but never had any money until the come into a windfall of sorts and Willa's mom moves them to Arizona and sends Willa to a private school. For the first time in Willa's 15 years she is at a place to stay and she puts down some roots. She makes friends with the 'Glitterati', Cherise, Nikki, and Kellie and has a flirty fun relationship with resident hottie Aiden. Everything seems to be going well for Willa and then ugly truths start to show there ugly heads. Willa finally sees what the Glitterati is really like and decides she is going to do something about it. She is going to become the Robin Hood of Arizona's fancy private school stealing from the upper class and giving to the less well off students.

Willa is one of those characters that I really loved. She was completely misguided and naive. She didn't see the downfall to her plan. She had an idea to even things out with the snobby people at her school and that was all that matters. As much as it annoyed me that she didn't see the potential issues I also respected her. Her heart was in the right place and it made me really like her. I also really enjoyed her time with Aiden. Although it was pretty brief I liked the dynamic between the two of them. They had a nice vibe that was easy and low key not to mention flirty. I kind of wish there were more of the two of them. Their moments were the best.

What I didn't enjoy was the story of Willa and her mom. Nothing was explained or accomplished. By the end of the book there were way too many questions and not nearly enough answers. It's quite obvious, and was from the beginning, that her mom is hiding something major, but not knowing what it is by the end of the book didn't sit well with me. I get that Pretty Crooked was used to set up a series, but I just wanted a little more follow-up on that story.

All in all the set-up was done perfectly and I really enjoyed this book. I'm curious where this is going to go and look forward to reading more about these people.