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Take a Bow - Elizabeth Eulberg I've been a fan on Elizabeth Eulberg since I picked up The Lonely Hearts Club. That story and the love of The Beatles endeared me to her. Then I read Prom and Prejudice and that was cute, but I didn't love it as much as I loved Lonely and Take a Bow was much the same way. I appreciated the concept and the writing but there was just something missing. I don't know if there were too many stories going on at once that it made it all feel a smidge on the rushed side or if I wanted there to be more or if it was some of the characters. There was just something that was off that wouldn't let me love this the way I wanted it to.

Take a Bow is the story of Emme, Ethan, Carter and Sophie. All four teens are in their final year at CPA, a creative/performing arts high school in New York. Each teen has their own issues they are working through with each other while they are also trying to compete for a Senior Showcase spot and get into the college of their dreams. Some get what they want, others find something about themselves they never knew. Some finally take the spotlight while others have to shrink into the background whether they want to or not. It is basically a story about finding out who you are and what you want to be while letting no one stand in your way. Told through all four teens' voices the reader gets to see everything unfold through different personalities and looks at life while each character figures out just what they want.

Emme and Ethan were by far my favorite part of the book. I loved their friendship and closeness. I almost wish that was the sole focus. Carter and Sophie were kind of just extras to me and not really needed. Although I enjoyed the way that Carter was written(script like) I just didn't enjoy the character. And Sophie, oh man did I hate Sophie! She may have been the worst friend to ever be called a friend. She was manipulative and juvenile and a user. She wanted Emme to always be in her shadow and when she was no longer falling into that role Sophie's claws came out and she was just downright nasty and spiteful. My least favorite of the four for sure.

All in all a super quick read about friendships, love and growing up. May not have been my favorite Eulberg, but won't be my last. Look forward to more.