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Against The Wall (Against The Wall #1) - Julie Prestsater I'm a huge huge huge fan of Julie Prestsater's writing. Her YA Double Threat series is one of my favorites so I was really happy to see she wrote a story about the teachers at Carver High. I had remembered the teachers in the series but didn't really really remember them until I read Against the Wall and I must say I loved getting to know them better.

The story is about Shel, an English teacher at Carver High, who has just had her heart broken by not only her high school sweetheart and fiancé, but by her co-worker. Dealing with seeing Chase every day is harder and harder now that he is dating another teacher at the school. With the help of her bestie Mel and hot teacher and friend Matty Shel finds that what she thought was true love may have been nothing close to it and love may be right in plain sight.

Honestly I loved watching the friendship of Shel and Matty grow and expand as it progressed. He was the best friend she could have and exactly what she needed. He didn't push her or press for something she wasn't ready for. He was supportive and just their for her. Basically every girls dream. :-)

Prestsater has managed to mix fun and emotion and laughter into this wonderful stories about teachers outside of the classroom. I can't wait to read more about Mel in the next installment.