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Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers I just love me some Courtney Summers! Having read her other two books ages ago I put this one off for as long as I could so I wouldn't have to be Summers less for too long. Now I'm sad it is over but such a great book to end on until her next comes out.

Some Girls Are was a great story about the cause and effect of bullying in high schools these days. It is the story of Regina who was once one of the mean girls but is now being tortured by them in the way that she helped torture others for years. Regina was put into a situation that led to her "fall from grace". She did the right thing but it still bit her in the end because her supposed friends were mean and cruel and vindictive. They were the worst kind of bullies and Regina sadly had to find out how wrong she had been behaving the hard way. Anna and Kara made her life a living hell and there was no way out of it. Not even when she started to get close to Michael, the boy that Regina had tormented not that long ago.

Oh man did I love Michael and Regina together. I could totally get where Michael was coming from. He was put into the position with this girl that he by every right should hate. And he did, or at least tried to. The problem was Regina really was this broken soul that just feel into a mess that she couldn't dig out of. Michael really had no choice in the matter. There was no way he couldn't get close to her and I loved that. I loved the back and forth of his thoughts and actions when it came to Regina. It was real and made him even more likeable. And Regina was even more likeable when she was around him. He seemed to bring out the true Regina. Not Anna's little lackey, but the girl she was supposed to have been.

Now Josh on the other hand was a loser. He didn't believe nor want to hear what really happened to Regina. He shut her out of his life completely and then helped Anna make Regina's life hell. He really annoyed the most out of everyone because he acted all innocent but he wasn't at all. He sucked to put it bluntly. As did Anna, Kara, Donnie and Bruce. They were simply put, pathetic! I would have put Regina in this category too but as she grew and the book proceeded I just felt sad for her and I was happy to see her fully grasp what she had done in the past.

Really an excellent book with a great message and characters, well most of them. :-) Summers did it to me again. I'm in love!