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This Is So Not Happening - Kieran Scott This was definitely a fitting end to the series. It had everything the first two books had for the most part. It had the drama, the snark, the funny parts and the sweetness. Jake was still adorably stupid and Ally was once again back to the strong girl she was in the first book. Gone was the immature brat from the second book. You could tell Ally had grown and I was very appreciative of that. I couldn't stand Annie in the first half but she managed to grow on me by the end. I had mixed emotions on Chloe by the time all was said and done. And I enjoyed the addition of Lincoln. I guess I was just looking for something that wasn't there and that is why this is only 3 stars and not 4.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story and the trilogy as a whole. I loved the added drama to this one and unlike He's So Not Worth It, I didn't want to throw this book(LOL!). Reading about Jake navigating a pregnancy and Ally dealing with the fact that he got someone pregnant when they weren't together definitely made the story. I loved seeing how totally clueless Jake was and how he never quite knew when to shut up and think about what he was saying/doing. There was just something I wanted and I don't even know what it was. I guess when I think about it I missed the will they get together or won't they feeling I got in She's So Dead To Us.

But really it was the proper end to a fantastic series and I'm more then glad to have read every last word.