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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green How do you put into words your thoughts on a book that was so fantastical that is leaves you speechless? I mean I am beyond amazed at the story John Green created in The Fault in Our Stars. The way he crafted every word, scenario, and destination into Hazel’s remarkable story has left me in awe by his talent. He took what could have been a cliché story of a dying 16 year old and made it into much more then I could ever have hoped for. I apologize if this is slightly spoilerish and I gush like a school girl, but I can’t help it.

To say I loved Hazel would be a massive disappointment to what I really feel about her. Hands down Hazel is one of the most likable characters in literature. She had a bum rap thrown at her at a young age, Stage IV Cancer that has spread to her lungs. She was ready to die, prepared to die at the nice tender age of fourteen when a miracle drug changed that giving her a chance to do what she wasn’t able to before…a chance to live. Forced to be on oxygen at all times most teens would have given up and said screw it. But not Hazel. Like her middle name suggests, she accepted what was dealt to her with grace. Well grace and a whole lot of sarcastic, whittastic humor that endeared her to me even more. There was something about her that was so likably real that I just got. She was a side effect of her circumstances and that is how she lived her life. Did she have days when all she wanted to do was curl up and read her favorite book, absolutely. But really who doesn’t. We all have those days, but her parents refused to let her give in. They sent her to her college classes and to a support group with other kids with Cancer where she meets Augustus Waters and everything changes for her in and instant.

Oh Augustus how I adore you! He was charming and funny and had a very dry sense of humor right from the start. Loved a good metaphor and loved one Ms. Hazel Grace Lancaster to pieces. He was the complete package for Hazel, basically everything she needed and she was the same for him. The growth of their friendship into a relationship was touching and truthful. Hazel was scared for obvious reasons. Her Cancer was alive an active, hidden behind a miracle drug while Gus had been in remission for a year and a half. For her he had all the time in the world and she was a grenade ready to detonate at any minute. But Gus wouldn’t give up. He took her friendship and whatever she was willing to offer. She was his world and he would be there when she was ready to feel the same. Honestly the way he loved her was the sweetest thing. It was purely selfless.

To me though the part of the book that I loved the most was Hazel’s love of the book An Imperial Affliction. The book almost became a main character as the pages progressed. It was as alive as Hazel and Gus. Hazel loved that book. She read it over and over and even told Gus about it. It became this connection between the two of them that no one would understand, but I understood it. You see An Imperial Affliction was a book about a young girl with cancer and the people in her life. But it was also a book without an ending. Although Hazel loved it to pieces, she wanted to know what happened to the the girls mother and her maybe step-father and her friends and her hamster. Hazel wanted to know what happens after death. She asked the author over a number of years with no response and then a miracle happens and Gus and she find him and get an opportunity to see him in person and find out what happens. But the thing is it doesn’t matter what they are told because there is no answer and I think that was what scared Hazel the most. We was faced with her mortality every day and not knowing what would happened to her family was the scariest thing of all.

Honestly this book was just a pure masterpiece of words. It literally broke my heart, made me smile and made me angry all at once. John Green has proven himself as a master of story telling and I hope you get the same feeling I did when reading it. Bravo!