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Double Time (Double Threat, #3) - Julie Prestsater In the way of full disclosure I must first state that I may be considered slightly bias when it comes to this review. Not only have I become friends with Julie and think her stuff is amazing, I am actually in the book and I got to read it early. With that said Double Time is EXACTLY what I hoped for for the third installment of this series!

I fell in love with Meggie and Alex in the very early stages of So I'm a Double Threat. There has always been something almost magical about their relationship, even when they are "just friends". In every book they have grown as a couple and as individuals and Double Time didn't let me down.

Double Time starts at the beginning of junior for Meggie and crew. When we last left them Meg was close to something with Travis(don't even get me started on him!)but having had enough drama the girls decide they are going to just be single for the year. Between Dom, Alex, Jon and Travis, Meg, Keesha, and Steph have reached their limit. They want to enjoy being a junior and playing the field. Only thing is there is two problems with that. One, the field is WAY harder to play then it looks and two, they may or may not be over the boys that have broken their hearts. Through a series of surprise revelations, dating mishaps and unexpected friendship these girls find out you can't always escape the drama, especially when your heart is attached to it.

Really I look at this series as a coming of age series. In every book these girls are challenged in one way or another and have to decide how they should deal with it. Double Time to me really showed the growth of all the characters, but it still maintained that fun feel that dragged me in to begin with. I really loved watching Meg try to navigate singledom all while still being very attached in her heart. And I will admit that Travis grew on me a teeny tiny bit. ;-) Oh and that addition of that Andi character...genius! HEHE

Really just a great story about love, friendship and growing up. Julie outdid herself yet again and I for one can't wait for the 4th part. Bravo Ms. Prestsater!