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All These Things I've Done - Gabrielle Zevin Argh!! So much potential that it saddens me that I didn't like it more then I did. It had some really great parts but that was all just muddled because there was a whole chunk of book that nothing happened. There was nothing that furthered the plot, no kind of mystery, no real drama. It was just there and that bummed me out. I really liked Anya and Win and Natty and Leo and I just wanted something real to happen to them. Anya was this young girl taking care of a family on her own because her parents had been murdered due to her father's life. Here she was raising a family, surrounded by criminals and illegal activity, while crushing on the DA's son and there was just nothing spectacular that came out of it. Those circumstances themselves tell a story!

I will say that the end was great. Although I hated the Gable and Scarlett thing(come one, she should have been a better friend then that), I like how Scarlett was still there to help Anya when she needed it. And I enjoyed Anya and Win's dad. There was something respectful about their "business" relationship. Based on the end I am actually hopeful that the second part will be even better and have the action I crave.

All in all just ended up being an okay book.