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Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin 3.75 stars.

Really great start to this story. The characters were interesting, the setting was eerily described and spot on for the plot and the plot was nicely designed to give the reader a glimpse into this series. I enjoyed the twist and turns and the feeling of not knowing who to trust and who was on what side. And it was nice to finally read a book that had a plot twist I didn't see coming from a mile away. It is pretty rare that I can be surprised when reading and this certain part definitely surprised me.

I must admit the part I liked most about this book was the relationships. Between Araby and April, Araby and Will, and Araby and Elliott, not to mention Araby and her parents, the reader really got to see what Araby was about. Each and every relationship was different and showed a different side of her and I enjoyed getting to see that. When she was with April she was the sidekick that was sort of in the shadow of her best friend. With her parents she was the grief stricken, guilty girl that survived when her brother couldn't. With Elliott she was this strong girl that people needed and believe she could hold her own. And with Will she was a girl, just a simple teenage girl trying to figure everything out. By far her relationship with Will was my favorite. There was something about that Araby that I liked over the rest. Maybe it was the realistic aspect of her just being an uncertain teenage girl, or maybe it was just Will, who I definitely have a little crush on. Whatever it was, it made Araby likable and enjoyable.

The end definitely left me wanting more. Although there were things I could have done without and things I wanted more of, the end pulled stuff together nicely and has me looking forward to book two. Definitely a book to be read.