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Eve - Anna Carey It really seems like everything is a series these days. That being said I was a little leery about getting into yet another one. Especially another Dystopian series. But I kept seeing the cover love over the third book in this trilogy, and hearing people gush about the second so I said what the heck and picked it up. And honestly what a fantastic read!  

Eve is the story of well...Eve. She's an 18 year old girl getting ready to graduate from school and move on to what she has been told are big and better things in New America. Since she was orphaned at 5 all Eve knows is what is behind her school walls. But on the night of her graduation her eyes become wide open to what is really going on and she feels. Now outside the wall Eve is completely on her own and in the dark about everything she will face. With the help of another escapee and a boy, a sex women were taught to fear, Eve learns more about the world outside then she could ever imagine, and it isn't all good.

I think what I liked the most about this book was Eve herself. The evolvement of the character felt very right and at a great pace. It wasn't like one second she believed all this stuff, was told something else and then believed everything else immediately. She remained naive and confused most of the time and slowly began to understand the way of the world. Her relationship with Caleb was probably the best example of this.  She didn't trust him right away although she believed in him. That right there represented her perfectly and made the pages fly by. 

I also liked the timing of the story. It wasn't a book filled with big event after big twist. There were parts where nothing really happened but that still managed to further the plot. It gave me time to appreciate each and every character for who they were in times of monotone. 

I truly look forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd parts of this and seeing where Carey takes Eve on this journey.