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Glitch - Heather Anastasiu I really wanted to like this story, I truly did. It sounded so promising but in the end just didn’t cater to my tastes. You see, like many of you, in the past year I have read a lot of dystopian fiction. I love seeing what authors come up with, what new and inventive way they will suck me into their world. Sadly, with Glitch I had the feeling that I had read the story a hundred times before. There was nothing new or fresh about it. It formularized and stuck with with that to the very end and that bothered me. I’ll add that it didn’t help that I didn’t like Zoe, or Max and Adrien for that matter, all that much.

Basically Glitch is about this girl Zoe who lives in a society where people aren’t aloud to have their own thoughts or feelings. As of a certain age every person becomes a worker drone until they are considered no use to society any longer. Most people are perfectly content not realizing what is happening around them; not feeling any emotions. But then there are people like Zoe who randomly glitch and come out from under the fog they are meant to live in. This, however, causes a problem because the government doesn’t want glitchers around. Now Zoe must hide what is happening to her all the while trying to figure out who to trust and who else around her is glitching.

But, wait, this isn’t her only secret! Zoe can also move things with her mind. It’s at this point that she meets Adrien and a whole new world is opened up to her. Slowly she begins to see she isn’t the only one with powers and the world isn’t made up the way she was taught. It is now just a matter of deciding whose side she is on and where her loyalty lies.

What bothered me about this book was that I found the characters really flat and unlikable. Zoe didn’t know what she wanted from one minute to the next and then when she remembered something that happened in her past that she had suppressed I found her intolerable. She just wasn’t interesting enough to carry a lead role for me. Not to mention the manic acts of Max which bothered me greatly. Last.y, Adrien just didn’t have much to work with. All of that added to the fact that I didn’t find much originality in the story to make it stand out made it a big bust for me.

The one thing that was interesting to me was the twist revealed from Zoe’s past. That and that alone was the best part of the book. It added a little depth to the story that I thought was lacking. It gave a level to the book that nothing else had accomplished. I still won’t continue on with the series, but I was grateful for that small moment.

All in all just not the book for me. As a lover of dystopians I want to see something different and fresh.