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Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson What a surprising little book! Unlike most this story was never really on my radar. I was stalking bookstores, the few that are left, or waiting impatiently for its release date. Actually I stumbled upon it by pure accident, thought it sound interesting since I loved the movie Hook, and purchased it the day it came out. And I know I say this a lot, but I'm really happy I did. Tiger Lily turned out to be this quirky, imaginative, fantastical take on Peter Pan and I really enjoyed myself. The beginning was a little too slow for me, but once it got going I was really impressed and enfolded into Neverland.

Basically Tiger Lily is about , well, Tiger Lily, a girl that has grown up in Neverland and cared for by her father Tic Tok. Always having been a tomboy, she is constantly looked down upon by the women of her tribe. She is way too curious for her own good and that curiosity is what gets her in trouble. Deciding to save the outsider that washed up on the shore of Neverland, Tiger Lily's fate is sealed and she is promised in marriage to the village oaf. As the wedding gets closer Tiger Lily becomes more and more involved with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Suddenly she finds herself at a crossroads deciding to give up the family she knows or the love she feels for a 'dangerous' boy. But things aren't as easy as she thinks, especially when a stranger by the name of Wendy comes into Peter's life causing nothing but chaos for Tiger Lily.

I really enjoyed this take on a classic story. Knowing all the parts of Peter Pan it was really cool to see how the author wove them all together to create her own version of this story. She used all the main components, Hook, lost boys, Wendy, crocodiles and clocks, to name a few, but she worked them into the story in a way that made it seem different and fresh. She also managed to work Tinkerbell into the magic in a different capacity then before. Tink got to be the star of the show by being the narrator of this remarkable tale. To be honest, at first I was on the fence about this since Tink can't speak. But as the book progressed I warmed up to the idea and I think that is part of the reason this book seemed fresh and something new. Tink got to show us who Tiger Lily really was at heart and that definitely added to the book.

All in all I really enjoyed this story as a whole. It was inventive and creative and as a reader exactly what you want when you are reading a take in a timeless story. Really well done and something everyone should pick up and give a shot to. But I must tell you, you will never look at The Little Mermaid the same way again! ;-)