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Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer 3.5 stars

I have mixed feelings on this one. There were parts of it that I really liked and enjoyed and then there were parts I wasn't so crazy about. All in all it was a cute book, but something just wasn't there at times so what I think could have been a great story was just okay.

Smart Girls is about three super smart friends, Gigi, Bea and Neerja. Their whole life they have done the studying thing and that's it. They thought by getting into an ivy league school they will have gotten everything they have ever wanted. But as they have had their noses buried in books high school has flashed by them and they have missed out on so much. Deciding they are irked of standing on the side lines and missing out on the high school experience, Bea, Gigi and Neerja step out of their comfort zones and embark on a new journey that may not get them what they want, but possibly what they need.

The book is told from Gigi's perspective and I must admit that is one of the parts of this book that I loved. Because simply put Gigi was a great character. She was a great friend, a great daughter and a great student. She got put in a bad situation at the beginning and I liked how she handled herself about it. She didn't panic, well for the most part, and fought for what she knew was the truth. And I loved her friendship with Mike. There was something endearing about him right from the start and when he was with Gigi that love grew tenfold. He brought out the best in her. Showed her what it was like to be smart and to have fun and that it was okay to let loose every now and again.

What I didn't like was Bea and how she treated Gigi. I thought she may have been one of the worst friends. She expected Gigi to drop everything and do all the things she wanted her to do but didn't once think about Gigi. I mean Gigi didn't really even know how to ski for crying out loud and yet Bea made her feel so badly that she joined the team for her. It really got on my nerves how she wanted Gigi to bend over backwards for her and she never did one thing for Gigi buy make her feel bad for wanting to go on one small date. It was highly frustrating and did not make me like Bea at all.

I also couldn't stand California Will. He was a smarmy little twit that was totally using Gigi. He irritated right from the start. I never once found him charming. He was one of those guys that wants to have his cake and eat it too and I have no tolerance for that. He strung Gigi and Ava and the poor girl in California along so he could get what he wanted. No thank you! So not a fan.

With all that said, all of those likes and dislikes added for a pretty good book. It was a quick read about friendship and figuring out who you are. I will say that Strohmeyer made a fan out of me with two things: her use of Boston, the Red Sox and the Patriots and the mention of Anna and the French Kiss. Hehe. All joking aside, pick up this book if your looking for a good coming of age story. I liked it, but maybe you'll love it.