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The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life - Tara Altebrando Definitely not the best book I have ever read, but I think I read it at the perfect time because I really enjoyed myself. It's been a while since I read a book in one day and that is exactly what happened with The Best Night of Your(Pathetic) Life. I didn't have to think much and I didn't have to follow along with a whole lot of stuff that was happening. This book was about a bunch of high school kids just trying to figure out who they are and what their mark would be while doing a scavenger hunt. It was fun just to enjoy the ride.

I will say there were two things that disappointed me in this story. One was Mary. Man did I not really care for her. She really thought highly of herself for someone that didn't seem to have much self confidence. And she really didn't think about anyone else but herself for about 3/4 of the book which got on my nerves. I did like her friendship with Patrick but by the end even that feeling was disappearing. I also didn't like all the hints of a romance with Lucas and NO FOLLOW THROUGH! There was so much potential and it just never commenced and that made me sad.

Aside from those two things this book was a fun read and it reminded me of being in high school and doing dumb stuff like scavenger hunts. Honestly it made we want to do another one. Definitely a book to be picked up if you are looking for something quick.