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Butter - Erin Jade Lange My thoughts are kind of all over the place for this book. First I want to start by saying that I didn’t hate it. I know after this review you won’t believe me, but really I didn’t. But I definitely didn’t love this book at all. A book that sounded so promising and all I was left with was a feeling of missing something. I just didn’t get the point or understand the message that was trying to be pushed across. Instead of having a sense of understanding when I finished the book I just had more questions.

1) Why did Butter still want to be called Butter even after everything he went through?
It irked me that he was completely okay with being called Butter ever after the explanation was revealed on how he got the nickname. It was mean and cruel and the fact that he was okay with the name just told me by the end that he had learned nothing and there was no point in anything he put himself through.

2) Why in the name of all things holy did Butter’s mother think by taking sugar out of his diet but making him eat pounds of bacon was helping him?!?
Seriously the mom may have been the most clueless character EVER! Did she love her son? Absolutely. But she had no idea how to be a parent. The fact that she would sit in the doctor’s office with her 400+ pound 17 year old son, hear the doctor tell him he needs to watch his diabetes and watch his heart because he is high risk for a heart attack and would go home, cut all sugar out of his diet yet make him eggs and bacon completely baffled me. She wasn’t helping her son at all and acted like she was watching out for him. I just didn’t get it.

3) Speaking of not getting it, what was the point of the father not talking to Butter at all, acting like he didn’t even exist and then doing a complete 180 with everyone acting like it was no big deal?
Um can you say frustrating!!!!! Obviously Butter was a boy with extremely low self esteem. He didn’t think highly of himself at all and had no support. But not once was did anyone think that his father wasn’t helping the situation by ignoring him. It was just accepted and I just can’t accept that. It was wrong and I didn’t think any better of the father when he finally found Butter worthy of his voice. I mean really, really?!

4) Did Trent and Parker really like Butter or where they just using him?
I couldn’t figure this one out at all. At times I thought they had gotten to know Butter and actually really liked him. They genuinely seemed to want to spend time with him. But on the other hand they were rooting him on and partaking in his massive form of bullying. I couldn’t help but think if they really cared about Butter they wouldn’t have acted the way they did. I just couldn’t seem to reconcile my feelings about these two so I was confused by them.

5) What did Butter see in Anna?
For the life of me I couldn’t figure this out. She wasn’t nice, she wasn’t charming, she wasn’t fun. She was vapid and selfish and I just didn’t understand why he was bending over backwards to get this girl to notice him in real life. I just didn’t feel like there was enough background information for me to understand the connection.

6) What was the point of the story?
That is where the problem lies. I just couldn’t find any kind of meaning. I don’t know what the author was trying to get across when all was said in done. Butter didn’t get help, he didn’t learn anything, he didn’t grow as a character. From the start to the end he remained the same person and I just couldn’t like him. Nothing ever seemed to make him happy. He wanted to lose weight and when he did he acted like it didn’t matter. He never got any kind of help, never went to counseling and never tried to even acknowledge his problems. It just left the whole story feeling open ended.

Honestly if Butter was a more likable character I really think I would have liked this book more. And I really didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. There was just too much left unanswered for me and it is as simple as that.