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The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour Opinion:
I loved loved loved this book! You know I had decided I wasn’t going to read it for a while. It was on my list of books to read but the cover kind of made me not want to rush into it. I mean I hadn’t heard much about it so I figured it wasn’t a big deal to wait. Well I was at the book store with a friend and had her choose between two books. Since she is a non-reader she had no clue what she was choosing and went soley by the bright, shiny colors on the cover. Since she picked it I said what the heck and moved it up on my to read list. Well I must thank her because the book was awesome and it had such a great story.

The book is about four teens, Colby, Bev, Meg and Alexa, as they make their way up the west coast to spots they booked for the band. Colby is the “roadie” and the other three girls are who make up the band The Disenchantments. Colby, Bev and Meg have all graduated from the arts high school they attended in San Fransico and are now getting ready for their next journey. Meg is going to college and Colby and Bev are planning to take a year off and hit up Europe. Not too far into the trip Bev, Colby’s best friend for years, drops a bombshell on him. She is going to college and bailing on their trip that they have been planning for 4 years. Feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under him Colby has no idea what he is going to do now. He had put everything in Bev and their trip and now he is lost. As they move from spot to spot meeting people from all different walks of life Colby slowly has a realization. Maybe it is time to stop talking and start doing.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, ‘Another road trip book??!! ARGH! You’ve read one you’ve read them all.’ I get it I do. I thought the same thing. But The Disenchantments is way more then a road trip book. Honestly I hardly noticed the road trip aspect of the story. Sure I knew they were going from place to place and seeing random things, but it was more then that. The book was about the people. It was about 4 teenagers figuring out what life after high school means, life without each other. It was about Colby realizing that Bev was always going to be there even if she wasn’t there and that he was capably of following his dreams, of doing instead of just saying. It was about Bev no longer running from the past and her feelings. It was about Meg starting a new chapter apart from her sister. It was about Alexa being the one left behind. It was about life and how it can be messy and awkward and panicky but those unexpected surprises are what makes it all worth it.

The book is told from Colby’s point of view and I have to say I am extremely grateful for that. I liked him right off the bat. He wore his heart on his sleeve and I loved that about him. He was thrown the biggest curveball by his best friend, the person he trusted more then anything in the world, and yet he kept going. He was tempted many times to throw in the towel and head home to figure out what was next but he kept going. He stuck around when Meg confided in him about a past problem she had; was there to encourage Alexa when her belief in fate was compromised; and he was there as Bev played games and strung him along all while knowing exactly how he felt about her. He was loyal to a fault and that made him special. I think if the book was told from say Bev’s POV I wouldn’t have liked it as much. She was selfish and wrapped up in her own world and that bugged me about her. She was redeemed at the end, but I don’t think I would have taken to this book the way I did if it wasn’t for Colby. Watching him grow and learn and figure out he could be on his own was a truly awe inspiring experience.

The Disenchantments was a book not about a road trip in the traditional sense of the word. It was more of a journey, a journey of self discovery and friendship and love. It is one of the best books I read this year and I hope you pick it up and feel the same way I did. Bravo Ms. LaCour. You have a new fan in me.