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Revived - Cat Patrick Okay it is official, I am a complete fan girl when it comes to Cat Patrick! When I read her first book Forgotten I was 95% in love. She told such a gripping, entertaining story, how could I not be. And now after reading Revived, I’m totally over the moon! Ms. Patrick has woven such an unforgettable tale of tragedy, life and death you won’t be able to put it down. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she knows how to write a really cute boy. ;-)

Revived is the story of Daisy, a 15 year old girl that is part of a secret government test group. On the outside Daisy seems to be a perfectly normal girl; but she is holding a secret. The truth is, Daisy has died, 5 times to be exact, and each time she has been brought to life by a mysterious drug called Revive. Under the cover of secrecy Daisy and her “parents” must move to a new location every time she dies causing Daisy to never really put down roots or to make any friends. Well that all changes for Daisy when they move to Omaha after her last “death” and she meets Audrey and Matt McKean. Now Daisy has people she cares about and that care about her. As things become intense in her personal life Daisy starts to realize Revive isn’t really all it claims to be and that there may be something sinister and secretive going on, more then she originally thought.

I have to say that I absolutely adored Daisy. She was this closed off girl that was never able to call a place home. Her whole life revolved around Revive and that was fine with her until she realized there was more out there. With the McKean siblings, I’ll gush about Matt shortly, Daisy was able to actually feel alive and to know what it was like to have a connection to someone. She was able to figure out what death really meant and how it affects families. She was able to open her eyes to the program that had raised her and to see it wasn’t exactly as she perceived it to be. Matt and Audrey taught Daisy what it was like to live and to be alive.

Oh Matt, where do I start with Matt. He was one of the cutest boys I’ve read in a long time. He brought out the absolute best in Daisy and helped her grow as a person. He was flawed and perfect because of those flaws and I fell head over heels in love with him. Did I hate the tendency he had to shut people out? Definitely. But that was what made him him and what helped the character to grow and mature in the end. The relationship he had with Daisy was spot on. There was a sense of naivety between them but also a sense of maturity. And the way that Matt loved his sister really warmed my heart. The dynamic between all of them was spot on and bettered the story.

Basically Cat Patrick created a great story of love, loss and finding out the truth. She did it through amazing character development and a wonderful story line. She knows how to weave all together magically and I look forward to reading more from her.