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Where I Belong - Gwendolyn Heasley I actually really enjoyed this book. I had had it on my list for a while and completely forgot about it. One day I was looking at my to-read list and the boy in the cowboy hat jumped out at me and I was sold. You can totally see where my loyalties lies.

Anyway Where I Belong is about Corrine, a rich, uppity, spoiled girl form New York(think Gossip Girl on crack!) that thinks the sun rises and shines on Bergdorf’s and Barney’s. She has it all. Fancy clothes, money, a horse and a first class trip to boarding school with her bestie, the equally snobbish Waverly(her name even smells like money. HEHE). Suddenly though everything comes crashing down on Corrine. Her family is broke and they are forced to more to Broken Spoke, Texas, the small town her mother ran far far away from. Set in the amazing dessert background of Texas, Corrine feels like an alien roaming the earth and is completely out of her element. She has no idea how to fit in with small town life and small town values. But before she can even blink Corrine finds herself with a friend, Kitsy, and an adorable sparring partner in the form of country Bubby. Soon the world isn’t so black and white for Corrine. Now she has to figure out where she fits in in both worlds.

Man I wanted to hate Corrine, I really truly did. She was spoiled and obnoxious and thought the world revolved around her. She treated everyone but her horse like they were beneath her and thought the world owed her something. But under that shell she really was a good girl with a good heart and I loved that her time in Texas allowed us to see that. Bravo Ms. Heasley for giving the readers the chance to get to know the real Corrine. Because seriously as the book continued on I really found myself liking this girl more and more. Between her friendship with Kitsy, her evolving relationship with her grandparents and her banter with Bubby, Corrine became a person and not a caricature. She kind of found her niche in small town Texas realizing she was actually good at something. And she found an honest to goodness real friend in Kitsy who I just adored! She was such a stereotypical small town girl and I wanted to eat her up with a spoon. Her and Bubby actually. They were the perfect yin to Corrine’s yang and are what to the ultimate growth of her.

Where I Belong is truly a great coming of age story about a girl that thought she knew everything and understood her place in the world. Heasley really wrote a great story showing how material items aren’t everything and sometimes you just need to reach inside yourself and really find out who you are when everything else is stripped away. I would definitely recommend a read through of this one. I can’t wait to read Kitsy’s story and I have a feeling you will feel the same way.