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Shiver  - Maggie Stiefvater Honestly I'm not really into the vampire/werewolf/supernatural kind of books, but this was suggested to me so I took a leap of faith and read it. Thank god I did! How could I not have fallen in love with this story?!? Between the amazingly creative descriptions that made you feel you were in Mercy Falls and the love story of Grace and Sam I was immediately sold. Stiefvater has created such great characters with such an amazing lanuage it was easy to forget it was a supernatural book. Sam was just so sweet and innocent not wanting to hurt Grace at all. And Grace was witty, charming and strong. She knew what she wanted and really wouldn't let anyone stop her. Add in Jack, Beck and Isabel(who completely grew on me by the end) and you have a perfect Romeo and Juliette-esq story with a modern twist. Can't wait to get lost in Stiefvater's world again. Simply put...amazing!