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Double Threats Forever (Double Threat, #4) - Julie Prestsater I can’t believe it is over!!!! :-) I’ve been a fan of this series since the second I found it on Barnes and Nobles and I honestly can’t believe it is over. No more Meggie and crew to smile and for Julie to torture me with. Well what a ride it has been! I laughed and cried and wanted to tear my hair out. It was a journey with a beginning and an end and I loved EVERY freaking minute of it!

As I have said in other reviews for this series I must disclose that I am a friend of the author. She teases me mercilessly about my love of all things Alex and Meg and even wrote me into the series. But this is my unbiased opinion as a reader and a reviewer and is in no ways swayed by our friendship. I was just lucky enough to get to read the rough draft way before it came out. HEHE. Okay, now I can get to the review.

Um, did I mention that I LOVED it?!?! Because really I honestly did. Writing the final book in a series has to be the hardest thing to do. There is so much pressure on getting everything just right, tying up loose ends and making your readers happy. Well Prestsater did that and more. Like I told her I think Double Threat Forever is by far my favorite of the series and I was insanely crazy about the other books. Prestsater managed to bring all that fun and uncertainty from So I’m a Double Threat into Double Threat Forever, but she did it in a way that showed how each and every character had matured and grown. The girls all had struggles like they did in the other books, but these struggles weren’t over stupid high school drama. It was over growing up and deciding where to go with your life and who you want to be. It was about realizing that boys will always be there and so will your friends, you just have to make yourself happy to make it all worth it.

Really I loved every last minute of this book and I think the did absolute justice to the series. It gave it the closure it needed and moved the characters forward in a way that made them stay true to who they were. I am going to miss Meg and Alex and crew like crazy but I’m also grateful they came into my life. I look forward to what else Ms. Prestsater has in store for us.