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Beta - Rachel Cohn Truthfully, I contemplated not finishing this book. Anyone that knows me knows that it takes a lot for me to not just suck it up and get to the end. By page 91 I was going to throw in the towel but I gave myself until page 150 and then I figured I had gone that far so I might as well just finish it. It was hard, but I did get through it and I have to say it definitely was not one of my favorite books.

Beta is the story of Elysia, a clone. She is only the 2nd teenaged clone ever created so she is in beta form. When a wealthy family buys her she becomes “part of the family”. However Elysia starts to notice small things that are happening to her that shouldn’t. She starts to have memories of the girl she is clone of, is able to taste things and has feelings. Slowly Elysia starts to see the world for herself and not what a chip is telling her and everything changes and nothing will be the same.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. Although I liked the writing style and the concept of it, I just couldn’t get into the story for the life of me. I felt like the book was very slowly moving and just nothing was happening. Even when there was the added action I still just didn’t feel any kind of urgency. I don’t know if I didn’t like the characters or what, but something just wasn’t there for me. I did like the comparison to the clones being used for labor to slavery in the 1900s, but even that and the surprise ending just couldn’t do much to save this for me. And I really hated one part of the book that I just didn’t see a place for it. I mean I despised it hardcore and am annoyed that it wasn’t dealt with at all.

Basically I’m kind of meh on the whole thing. I know it is set as a series but this story may be better as a one and done for me. But I do suggest you take a shot at it yourself. Just didn’t work for me, but may very well work for you.