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There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones I guess I should have read more about this book before I actually read it myself because I had no idea God and religion was going to be so prominent. I mean don't get me wrong, I've read books where religion is in the fore front. I've read both Pure by Terra √Član McVoy and Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker and loved both to pieces. But there was something about There You'll Find Me that just became preachy. For me the use of faith and God and religion didn't add to the story, it took away from it. I honestly think that without it this book would have been so much better. Instead it just fell flat and borderline annoying. Finley's story about the death of her brother was enough on its own and I really wanted to delve into that more. I guess this book just wasn't for me. Between the religion thing and the almost random eating disorder plot line it just all kind became a chore to read then fun. I will say I loved the characters of Beckett and Mrs. Sweeney. Those two were the saving grace for me and I looked forward to scenes with them in it. Other then that this just wasn't right for me.