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Ten - Gretchen McNeil 3.5 stars

I actually liked this book more then I expected to. I'm not usually one to read "suspense" kind of books where there is murder involved, but since Halloween is around the corner I figured I would go for it. And to me it was a great mix of The Westing Game and Shutter Island with maybe a tad on Clue added in for good measure. Although I will admit to figuring who was behind the whole thing from the very beginning which I was unable to do in the 3 other books mentioned. That being said, even figuring out the mystery, I really liked these characters. In a book that wasn't all that long McNeil was able to give the reader strong characters and backgrounds without beating us over the head with details. The book was witty, entertaining, and fun, with just enough suspense to keep you reading. Happy I picked this one up and gave it a shot.